Wednesday Player Matchups: Kyle Kendrick? Umm, I Guess

Jul 06 5:57am

Cy Young would turn away in disgust when confronted with some of the pitchers being thrown out there today. But I hear he was kind of a jerk. I don’t really feel good about any of the pitching matchups, but I could see going with Kyle Kendrick, not because he’s good, but because he’s facing the Marlins and the Phillies hit Anibal Sanchez well and Kendrick costs a measly 4,600 FanDuel Fun Bucks! Other cheap options face each other in Oakland, Guillermo Moscoso and Jason Vargas, but I like the Phillies chances of bringing home a win for Kendrick so I’ll start him in the MLB Bunt! How bout yourself?

B.J. Upton: Beej is 8 for his last 23 with 2 homers. I keep hoping he’ll live up to his talent, but he never seems to. But when he’s hot he can put up big numbers.  He’s also 5 for 13 of Francisco Liriano who has slumped once again.

Paul Konerko: The Captain has “slumped” from his crazy numbers in June, but is still putting the bat on the ball and hit a homer last night. He has hit Bruce Chen well, going 6 for 17 with 2 homers off him.

A.J. Pierzynski: My dislike for A.J(ackass) has no bounds, but he owns Chen, hitting 8 for 15 off him with 2 homers.

Robinson Cano: He is 8 for his last 21 and is 5 for 10 against Justin Masterson. I don’t see any reason you wouldn’t want him on your team.

Adrian Gonzalez: Ricky Romero has AGone’s number and it’s not so he can make prank calls, well, he may do that to, but Gonzalez is 1 for 6 against Romero with 5 Ks.

Dutin Pedroia: Pedroia is 6 for 15 in July and is seeing the ball well with 5 walks. He hits Romero very well. How well you ask? I’m glad you asked. He is 7 for 13 off him with a homer.

Josh Hamilton: He is 10 for his last 31 with 3 home runs and faces Jeremy Guthrie who he is 5 for 13 against with 2 homers.

Ian Kinsler: Kinsler has been heating up with the weather and is 10 for his last 30 with 6 home runs! He faces Guthrie who he is 7 for 19 against.

Geovany Soto: He’s had a down year, but recently has shown a little something (very little), but he did hit a homer yesterday and he absolutely kills Tom Gorzelanny, going 7 for 11 off him with a homer.

Andrew McCutchen: The All-Star snubbie is hitting 10 for 20 in July with 6 doubles and a home run. He also is hitting 6 for 19 off Bud Norris.

Michael Bourn: He is 13 for his last 34 and faces Charlie Morton who he is 7 for 17 against.

Todd Helton: Helton is 12 for his last 28 and 7 for 18 off Jair Jurrjens. If you add up all of those numbers you will figure out Todd Helton’s real age.

Chase Utley: He is 10 for his last 30 and looks to be his old Chase Utley self again. He is 13 for 28 off Anibal Sanchez.

Ryan Howard: He is 10 for his last 32 and is 8 for 25 with 2 home runs off Anibal Sanchez. Let’s not start Sanchez, ok?

Carlos Beltran: He is 10 for his last 33 with 3 home runs. He faces Hiroki Kuroda who he’s hit 2 for 5 with a home run.

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