Wednesday Matchups: Shields Goes For 4th Straight Complete Game

Jun 29 3:38am

Welcome to hump day in FanDuel City. You should celebrate by joining the FanDuel Insider Freeroll!!!! A fun time will be had by all, especially the winners! And not so much the losers, but it’s free! So stop your complaining! I’ve run out of exclamation points! Oh wait!

Jamie Shields: I don’t love that he costs so much and he faces the Reds, but he’s been absolutely dominant lately. He’s had 3 complete games in a row, allowing only one run in that stretch with 24 Ks. (Cliff Lee says, meh) He’s won his last 4 starts and as usual pitches better at home where he has a 1.71 ERA and a strikeout an inning. And to add on to all this feel good news, he pitches better during the day! He is 4-1 with a 1.10 ERA in day games and allows a run less during the day for his career. Just think if he faced Josh Hamilton!

Tim Stauffer: He has been lights out in his last 4 starts, but sadly the Padres couldn’t hit their way out of a wet paper bag with razor lined bats. Thankfully Stauffer has been so good that he was able to get 2 wins in that stretch. In those 4 starts he has 29 innings, 3 earned runs and 27 strikeouts. He faces the Royals in  spacious Petco and is only 6,900 FanDuel FunBucks!

Carlos Gonzalez: Cargo has picked his game up in June and let’s hope he can hang onto it. He’s batting .337 with 4 homers in June and faces Mark Buehrle who he is 2 for 3 against.

Josh Hamilton: Hambone is batting .377 at night and .113 during the day. He says it is because he has blue eyes. Also, I can’t dunk during a full moon because I have 10 toes. Thankfully they play at night and he faces Brett Myers who he is 2 for 3 against with a home run.

Michael Young: Young is 12 for his last 23 with 4 homers and 8 RBIs. The guy is hitting like there is no tomorrow, or next at bat. He faces Myers who he is 2 for 5 against.

Prince Fielder: The meatless wonder continues to hit the ball like it’s a big old fried twinkie and in this game if he hits the twinkie he gets to eat 12 of them. He has a whopping .356 average and 1.337 OPS in June and he is 2 for 3 off A.J. Burnett with a donkin donut.

Who’s been giving me the most bang for your FanDuel buck in the last week? I’m glad you asked! Here are the players with the most points per 1,ooo FanDuel dollars in the last week:

Michael Young: 2.1

Trent Oeltjen: 2.0

Brandon Phillips: 1.7

Brian McCann: 1.6

Ty Wiggington: 1.6

Johnny Gomes: 1.6

Evan Longoria: 1.6

Tony Gwynn Jr.: 1.6

B.J. Upton: 1.5

Aramis Ramirez: 1.5

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