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Fantasy Baseball: Whose Hitting Is Heating Up?

Jun 27 2:36am

I love looking at small sample sizes! (Get your mind out of the gutter!) So I was perusing the monthly and weekly stats and thought I’d take a look at guys who have been lighting up the ball park Roy Hobbs style!

Some of these dudes might be able to help you in your duels of the fan!

J.J. Hardy: J.J. has been off fantasy radars for a while now, but has turned things around in a big way this season, and especially of late. 8 of his 10 home runs have come in June and 17 of his 29 RBIs. He is batting .386 on the season and is a good source of power out of that short stop position.  (OPS vs lefties .826 vs. righties .959)

Dustin Pedroia: He’s only batting .276 on the season, but in June he’s hitting a healthy .377. He is seeing the ball much better with 8 walks in his last 7 games and only one strikeout. And check out his lefty/righty split! (OPS vs lefties 1.040 vs. righties .698)

Michael Young: Young started the season on fire, but had cooled off in early June. But he’s back at it again. He’s now hit home runs in three straight games and is 14 for his last 31 with 4 homers. (OPS vs lefties .994 vs. righties .768)

Carlos Santana: Santana can melt your face with his guitar riffs and his hot streaks. He’s either going to strike out or hit a home run, but recently he has been getting more walks; 8 in his last 7 games to be exact. He’s also 6 for his last 17 with 2 home runs. (OPS vs lefties .835 vs. righties .751)

Mark Reynolds: Reynolds is batting .227 on the season, .317 in June and .450 in the last 7 games. If my math is correct (and it usually isn’t) those numbers are getting higher, which is good. (OPS vs lefties .755 vs. righties .826)

Alex Rodriguez: ARod has been up and down this season (that’s what Diaz said), but he is up right now. He’s 11 for his last 22 which is .500. Third baseman have been hard to come by this season and as long as he’s hitting you always have to consider throwing him in your duels. (OPS vs lefties .731 vs. righties .959)

Miguel Cabrera: So he’s batting .330 with 15 home runs and 52 RBIs on the season. There’s nothing wrong with that! He’s batting .368 in June and he’s 9 for his last 21 with 2 homers. That’s a lofty .429. He just hits. (OPS vs lefties 1.011 vs. righties 1.028)

Prince Fielder: The big man has hit a big fat 68 RBIs on the season, but has been especially good in June. He’s hitting .362 with 10 home runs and 26 RBIs. (OPS vs lefties .859 vs. righties 1.120)

Nelson Cruz: It was only a couple weeks ago that Cruz was wallowing in a mini slump, but he’s busted out again. He’s only hitting .240 on the season, but has 18 homers and 42 RBIs and that’s with battling an injury, which he always seems to be battling. He’s hit 3 homers in his last 6 games and as long as you can get him against a lefty you will see good results. (OPS vs lefties 1.037 vs. righties .757)

Paul Konerko: Mr. Konerko is aging like fine wine and his stats for June are the proof.  He is batting .394 with 10 home runs and for the season is batting .324 with 21 homers and 60 RBIs. He can do no wrong. (OPS vs lefties .932 vs. righties 1.007)

Brennan Boesch: He’s hitting .299 on the season, .391 in June and .471 in the last week. I’ll take that arch and run with it! But slowly, because that’s all uphill! (OPS vs lefties .885 vs. righties .826)

Alex Gordon: Gordon got out of the gates fast this season, but fell back to the pack in May, but is now surging again and this time in the cleanup position instead of leading off. He’s hit in his last 13 and is 11 for hist last 26. (OPS vs lefties .857 vs. righties .829)

James Loney: Loney’s sweet swing was supposed to get him Ted Williamsish numbers, but he’s never lived up to the hype. His power numbers aren’t going to be huge, but when he’s hitting he can hit. He’s batting .365 in June and .462 in the last week. (OPS vs lefties .435 vs. righties .762)

Nick Swisher: In the last week Swisher has been sweet. He has 3 homers and 10 hits in his last 26 at bats which is a .385 average. He’s also batting .319 in June which ain’t bad. (OPS vs lefties .994 vs. righties .672)

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