Photos from the Boston Bruins’ $156,000 Stanley Cup party at Foxwoods

June 21 3:58am

As you probably know, the Boston Bruins won the Stanley Cup last week by beating the Vancouver Canucks. And while the city of Vancouver was busy rioting, the Bruins were planning the biggest Stanley Cup celebration in a long, long time. If you’ve read our post on all the crazy parties the Stanley Cup has been to, then you know any Stanley Cup party is awesome, but rarely do you get to see pictures of said party. Well, that all changed this year as photos from the Bruins’ epic Saturday night party at Foxwoods keep coming in from across the internet. Their final bill for the night was $156,679.74. That included a $100,000 bottle of Ace of Spades “Midas” by Armand de Brignac that holds 30 liters of champagne and weighs roughly 100 pounds. There are only six of these things in the world, or I guess five now that the Bruins drank one. These pictures are from all over the place, including Deadspin, Busted Coverage, Barstool Sports, The Big Lead and God only knows where else. Needless to say, the Bruins had a better weekend than you did.








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