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An interview with the Week 4 DFBC winner: Chris Davis knows his fantasy

Jun 07 11:02am

This week’s winner should look familiar to you, since he also won the Week 2 qualifier of the DFBC. It’s Chris Davis – known as uppower on the site – who snagged his second DFBC Finals seat (two is the maximum number of Finals seats a player may win). So how has Chris managed to win his two Finals seats in only four weeks? We had the chance to ask him.

You’ve now locked up a two spot in the DFBC Final. What’s your secret?

Hmm. Don’t really think I have one other than riding a current hot streak. I do my homework just like the other fantasy players. But when all is said and done any one or a group of baseball players can get hot or extremely cold. I must just be locked in the fantasy zone.

Who was your best player on Friday?

My best player was going heavy on Rangers players. That lineup is definitely stacked with anyone capable of going yard.

You won by a pretty thin margin. What was it like as things got to the finish line?

I was surprised by the thin margin of victory actually. I had a decent lead heading into the late games with Matt Joyce left. Was working at the time so found out I won the next morning. A good morning at that!

With two spots in the Final, you’ve already secured yourself at least $1000 in prize money, how does that feel?

It’s nice knowing the $1000 is there waiting in the wings, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say the top 5 is a goal. Would certainly make the start of fantasy football easier with a nice bankroll (If there is an NFL season). 

What’s the biggest bonus of having two teams to pick in the Finals?

By far the biggest bonus of having two teams in the DFBC Finals is flexibility. Maybe one team along the conservative lines, the other allows me a chance to freelance a bit and swing for the fences.

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