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Friday Player Matchups: Rickie vs. Ricky

Jun 03 3:57am

It’s Friday and you know what that means!? The Daily Fantasy Baseball Championship qualifier is on! If you don’t enter, you can’t win!

Cole Hamels: Camels is 7-2 with a 3.01 ERA and faces the Pirates. He faces Jeff Karstens or Adam Corolla, which should make it much easier to scrape out a win.

Clay Buchholz: Clay Aiken Buchholz has pitched well of late and get the A’s at home. I’m going with the Phillies and Red Sox pitchers today in the hopes that they’ll get some run support!

Rickie Weeks: When Rickie and Ricky meet, Rickie usually gets the better of him. Weeks that is. Weeks is 8 for his last 25 with 2 homers and hits Nolasco well, going 5 for 9 off him with a homer.

Victor Martinez: VMart is 9 for his last 28 and hits and is 22 for 66 off Mark Buehrle.

Billy Butler: BB is 9 for his last 20 and is 16 for 35 off Carl Pavano with 2 homers.

Curtis Granderson: He faces Jered Weaver which isn’t who I want my hitters facing, but he is 6 for 14 off him with 4 homers!

Miguel Olivo: He is 6 for his last 18 and he is 4 for 11 off Andy Sonnastine with 2 homers.

Evan Longoria: He is 7 for his last 22 with 2 homers and looks like he is finally turning things around after his injury. He is 2 for 5 off Jason Vargas with a homer.

Joey Votto: JV hits Hiroki Kuroda at a 3 for 8 pace with a home run. He’s also been streaking lately going 9 for his last 23.

Matt Kemp: He’s hit Bronson Arroyo well, going 6 for 17 off him with 2 homers.

Josh Thole: JT is 5 for his last 14 and 5 for 11 off Derek Lowe.

Chris Ianneta: He’s 6 for his last 20 with 2 homers and hits Matt Cain 5 out of 14 times with a homer.

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