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FanDuel’s top tournaments this weekend

Jun 03 11:42am

What’s up everyone? It’s a huge weekend here at FanDuel, so let’s run through the top tournaments, which Jose Bautista approves of (seriously, I asked him).

We kick Friday off with the DFBC qualifier. Win this bad boy and you’re headed to the final where you’ll then compete for nearly $70,000 in guaranteed prize money. What happens if you don’t win? Well, there’s still $2000 in runner-up prizes for each weekly qualifier, so there’s still plenty of money to go around.

But the DFBC isn’t the only thing going on this weekend. There’s also the Friday MVP. This one is for the high rollers. $100 entry, cap at 56 entries. $1200 for 1st place and prizes down to 8th place.

Saturday has several contests as well. First there’s the well-known $4000 Home Run with just a $10 entry (cap of 444 entries), and then there’s the $4000 Blast with a $50 entry (cap of 89 entries).

And lastly for Sunday, we’ve got the $2500 Steal which is only $5 to join (cap of 555 entries), the $2000 Line Drive which is $10 to join (cap of 222 entries) and lastly the $3500 Sunday Strikeout, which is $25 to join (cap of 156 entries).

So good luck everyone, and enjoy the weekend’s games.

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