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Wednesday Player Matchups: Tommy The Baseball Wizard

May 11 3:06am

Just a nice little FYI for y’all, the 5 worst team OPS% are Minnesota, San Diego, Seattle, Washington and Oakland. When choosing a starter, especially one of the cheaper variety, these are some good teams to exploit.  And if you are looking for teams who are free swinging, these 5 have the most strikeouts so far: San Diego (yeah, they are bad), Pittsburgh, LA Angels, Detroit and Washington. So the Padres and Nationals overlap and the Pirates were the sixth worst OPS team, so they suck as well.

So today in the $1000 MLB Bunt I think I’ll pick on the Nationals. Tommy Hanson faces them in Atlanta and has been pitching well this season with a 3-2 record and a 2.63 ERA. He’s also K’d a man per inning. The Nationals hit him hard in his first game of the season, but he has come on of late and I feel good about him not being the worst pitcher of all time.

C Chris Ianetta: He is 2 for 6 off Jonathon Niese. I started him yesterday so he will go off today.

C Kurt Suzuki: He is 4 for 8 against Matt Harrison and you gotta like that they are in Texas.

1B Miguel Cabrera: He is 9 for 28 off Scott Baker with 2 homers. He’s good at baseball at least.

1B Carlos Pena: Hmmm, isn’t this guy rotten this year? Yes, yes he is. But I like his matchup and the wind should be blowing out tomorrow at Wrigley. He is 10 for 32 with 4 home runs off Westbrook which is pretty decent. I’d rather have Miggy, but Pena is a bunch cheaper.

2B Ian Kinsler: We’re back in the heat of Texas and Kinsler hits Gio Gonzalez at the pace of 4 for 11.

2B Dan Uggla: Uggla has hit John Lanaan 5 out of 15 times including a home run.

3B Adrian Beltre: He is 7 for 16 with 2 homers against Gio. See, I threw you for a loop an didn’t recommend Michael Young! (but he’ll probably hit 4 grand slams)

3B Chipper Jones: He is 9 for 26 off John Lanaan for his long, long career.

SS Troy Tulowitzki: He owns the Mets this year. 5 of his 9 home runs have come against them and he faces Jonathon Niese who he is 5 for 10 with a HR off of.

LF Johnny Gomes: Gomes has hit Wandy Rodriguez very well, going 7 for 21 off him with 2 home runs and 9 RBIs.

CF Austin Jackson: He’s been hitting well lately and is 5 for 8 off Scott Baker for his career.

CF Grady Sizemore: He faces David Price, but is 2 for 2 off him.

CF Curtis Granderson: I’d feel ok about starting just about any Yankee against Vin Mazzaro.

RF Nick Swisher: (See above) and see that he is 2 for 4 with a homer against Vinny.

RF Andre Ethier: He hits Paul Maholm twice every six times he faces him.

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