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Wednesday Player Matchups: Buh, Buh, Buh, Byrd Is The Word!

May 04 4:00am

Welcome to Wednesday baseball! There will be drama, there will be excitement, and there will be crotch grabbing. I’ve scoured the matchups just for you, my one reader. How are you mom? Sorry I haven’t called; I’ve been working on matchup posts!

The $1,000 Wednesday Bunt is on! Do whatchyou do with the clicking and entering and what not. Here are some matchup blurbs from the burbs.

P Kevin Correia: He’s been crazy good on the road this season, going 4-0 with a 1.26 ERA. And he heads back to his old stomping grounds in Petco where it’s hard to score runs, especially when you are the light hitting Padres. Oh, and he’s cheap. He’s not going to get you K’s, but he shouldn’t hurt you if you want to stack the rest of your team.

C Buster Posey: He’s only faced Chris Capuano once, but does have a grand slam off him!

1B Miguel Cabrera: Sweaty Freddy Garcia will be sweating extra hard when he faces Miggy because he has given up 8 hits in 20 at bats, including 3 home runs.

1B Ryan Howard: Jason Marquis should come back down to earth after a good start last week, especially against Howard who is 7 for 19 against him with a homer and 5 walks.

2B Howie Kendrick: I hate starting guys if they are facing good pitchers, even if they have a nice history against them, but Howie has hit Josh Beckett well and deserves to be mentioned with his 10 for 28 and a homer.

3B Michael Young: He just continues drive guys in as the DH, even outside the great state of Texas. He’s 1 for 3 with a double off Michael Pineda which isn’t mind blowing, but his recent play makes him an option.

3B David Wright: In the not so fast column, Wright has not been playing well and faces Tim Lincecum who he is 2 for 15 off of with 9 Ks!

SS Darwin Barney/Starlin Castro: This dynamic duo is 6 for 6 off the former Cub Theodore Roosevelt Lilly.

SS Jose Reyes: He is 4 for 9 off Tim Lincecum, but those were all singles and he has no RBIs off him.

SS Stephen Drew: Drew is 4 for 12 of Jhoulys Chacin.

LF Carl Crawford: He is 10 for 31 off Ervin Santana and the Angels lead the league in stolen bases allowed and Santana is 2nd in the AL in SBA.

CF Grady Sizemore: You still have to like his price tag and he’s 1 for 1 off Trevor Cahill with 2 walks.

CF Matt Kemp: Carlos Zambrano has yet to figure Kemp out. Matthew is 5 for 9 with a homer against Big Z.

CF Marlon Byrd: Byrd is 7 for 14 off Lilly with 5 RBIs. And they both are flora/fauna spelled incorrectly.

CF Colby Rasmus: I’m a big Rasmus fan, but Javier Vazquez has owned him so far. He has faced him 8 times and struck him out 5 of those while not allowing a hit or a walk in the other 3 at bats.

RF Shin Soo-Choo: He is 4 for 5 off Trevor Cahill with a walk a double and 3 RBIs.

RF Andre Ethier: If a guy continues to get a hit every day, well, that sounds like a good guy to put on your daily fantasy team! Oh and he hits Big Z like there is no tomorrow. He’s 7 for 16 off him.

RF Justin Upton: He is 0 for 8 with 7 Ks against Jhoulys Chacin. Yeah, that’s not good.

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