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Top 5 strategies for success at FanDuel

Mar 21 10:47am

If you want to become a great FanDuel player, then it is important to have specific strategies. Here are our top five strategies to help you become the player you want to be.

  1. It isn’t about the long haul: This is single-day fantasy, not season-long fantasy. So while Albert Pujols is perfect for a season-long league, he may not be perfect for tonight’s game. The sooner you realize this, the sooner you will become a better player.
  2. When in doubt, do the research: You really like Joe Mauer for tonight’s game, but you have nothing to base that off of. Well, check the stats. If Mauer is ripping the pitcher he’s facing, then you can select him with confidence. If Mauer’s always struggled against the pitcher he’s facing, you just saved yourself from making a costly mistake.
  3. Be smart with your money: Want a lineup that has Tim Lincecum, Albert Pujols, Alex Rodriguez and Josh Hamilton in it? Sure, we all do. But if you do that, the rest of your lineup will consist of third-string Royals players. You always have to keep the salary cap in mind. Remember that there are often very cheap players who will work well for one day.
  4. Remember the weather: The weather? Why should I worry about the weather? I’ll tell you why. Weather can severely impact a game, and it can severely impact your score. If an MLB game gets rained out, then the players you have in it score zero points. Or let’s say you have players in a game that gets called after the 6th due to rain, making it an official game. Your players will have missed some critical at bats as a result. Always, always keep the weather in mind.
  5. Know the rules: Make sure you know the ins and outs of the rules of each game you’re playing.  In particular, the better your understanding of the scoring system, the better job you’ll be able to do of identifying players who are valuable in FanDuel’s contests.

Good luck. Now go win some money.

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