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Play in a private league against your friends and compete for weekly and season-long cash prizes. And since it’s FanDuel, you pick a new team every week — so there’s no need to worry about season-ending injuries, draft busts, or unfair trades.

Start A League

Start your league now — it’s easy!

It only takes a couple minutes to start your league. And there’s no coordinating a draft time or collecting league dues.

step 1

Create A League

It’s easy. Just pick
your league name.

step 2

Set Up Your Contests

Choose your league format.
You can even play for free.

step 3

Invite Your Friends

For each friend new to FanDuel,
you’ll BOTH get a bonus.

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Play your way

Friends Mode is more customizable than ever

It’s your league, so we think you should be in control. With Friends Mode, it’s easy to make your league perfect for you and your crew.

How Often?

Depending on the sport, you can play every day or just once a week.

How Long?

Your league can run anywhere from 3 days to all season long.

How Much?

Champion leagues dues can range from $10-$400

Choose your sport

We offer Friends Mode leagues in any of the following sports







Friends Mode vs. Traditional Fantasy

FanDuel Friends Mode Traditional Fantasy
Play with your friends
Track the standings all season long
Customize your league
Award a league winner
Play for season-long and weekly cash prizes
No collecting league dues or coordinating draft times
Stress-free league management
Pick any player you want
Get rewarded for inviting new players
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Choose how you play

Friends Mode Championship Leagues

This season, we’re giving you a new way to play Friends Mode. Compete for season-long prizes on top of your individual contest payouts in a Championship league. Or pay as you play in a Pickup league.

Friends Mode Championships Icon
Championship League

Your league champion gets the grand prize. And weekly winners get paid too.

  • Our version of a traditional fantasy league
  • Championship cash prizes
  • Customize your season length
  • Weekly cash prizes
  • One-time entry fee
Friends Mode Pickup Icon
Pickup League

Skip a week whenever you want. Or you can join a league that’s already started.

  • Weekly cash prizes only
  • Skip any week you want
  • Join a league anytime
  • Pay per contest
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FanDuel Players on Friends Mode

Friends Mode Chat Screenshot

Recruit 3 friends — get $100 bonus

Recruit 3+ friends to FanDuel and you’ll get a $100 entry fee credit.
Plus, you and your friend will each get a $10 credit too.

*qualifying referrals only

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