Get a $10 credit when you create your first NBA or NHL Friends Mode league!*

How does the FanDuel Friends Mode Offer work?

To be eligible for the FanDuel Friends Mode Offer, you must be either (a) a new user who creates an account and deposits money or (b) an existing user who already has an account.

Additional Eligibility Requirements:

  • Create an NBA or NHL friends-only league using FanDuel’s Friends Mode.
  • Invite other users to join your NBA or NHL league by either (a) searching for a friend’s FanDuel username or (b) by sharing your custom FanDuel league URL. Invitees can either be new to FanDuel or existing players. New users must create an account and deposit funds before they can join your league.
  • Ensure your NBA or NHL league contest has a minimum of 5 players (including you), all playing a contest in which the entry fee is a minimum of $5/player (for a contest total of at least $25). Contest must meet the requirements above on NBA or NHL Friends Mode game slates on or before 11/3.
  • Contest must fill 100% and run as paid play, adhering to all rules above. Contests that do not fill 100% will run unpaid and their commissioners will not be eligible to receive this offer.
  • $10 will be added back to your FanDuel account for additional play within 48 hours after contest settles.
  • Users are eligible for $10 credit a maximum of once (1 time) per sport (NBA and NHL).

This offer is available until 11/3. Offer only valid for the first NBA or NHL Friends Mode league that user creates that plays a contest that meets all the Eligibility Requirements above.

*Must meet all of the Eligibility Requirements to qualify