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Win your share of $15,000 in cash plus Footballguys subscriptions

Each Sunday — from Week 1 through Week 10 — you’ll be able to compete against five Footballguys staff members: David Dodds, Joe Bryant, Bob Henry, Maurile Tremblay, and John Lee, plus fellow Footballguys readers. It’s just $10 to play each contest and the top 500 users all double up their cash. If you finish ahead of all five Footballguys staff members in any week, you’ll win an entry into a Week 11 Free Play Contest — where you can cash in.

Know your competition

  • David Dodds


    Footballguys co-founder. FSWA Hall of Famer. Solved Rubik's cube in 22 seconds. USC alum. Playing fantasy since '87. Founded

  • Joe Bryant


    Footballguys co-founder. Developed the Value Based Drafting strategy. Texas A&M grad. Co-founded Bryant Boats.

  • Bob Henry


    3-time Fantasy Index Experts Rankings Winner. Leads FBG depth charts, training camp updates, and is one of the sites projectors.

  • Maurile Tremblay


    16th year w/ Footballguys and 4th year focusing on DFS. Created Interactive Value Charts. Uses own projections for playing FanDuel.

  • John Lee


    PhD research scientist. Applies data-mining skills to excel in fantasy. Won several premier fantasy sports contests. Enjoys beer and whisky.

Week 10 Contest

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Week 11 Free Play Contest Prizes:

Top prizes include both a lifetime Footballguys Insider PRO Plus subscription and cash. Here’s the full prize breakdown.

2nd Prize
$1,500 +
Lifetime Insider PRO Plus
1st Prize
$2,000 +
Lifetime Insider PRO Plus
3rd Prize
$1,000 +
Lifetime Insider PRO Plus
  • 2nd$1500
  • 3rd$1000
  • 4th
  • 4th$750 + 3-year Insider PRO Plus
  • 5th$600 + 3-year Insider PRO Plus
  • 6th$500 + 3-year Insider PRO Plus
  • 7th$400 + 3-year Insider PRO Plus
  • 8th$300 + 3-year Insider PRO Plus
  • 9th$200 + 3-year Insider PRO Plus
  • 10th$150 + 3-year Insider PRO Plus
  • 11th - 12th$125 + 3-year Insider PRO Plus
  • 13th - 14th$100 + 3-year Insider PRO Plus
  • 15th - 17th$95+ 1-year Insider PRO Plus
  • 18th - 20th$80+ 1-year Insider PRO Plus
  • 21st - 25th$65+ 1-year Insider PRO Plus
  • 26th - 30th$55
  • 31st - 35th$50
  • 36th - 40th$45
  • 41st - 45th$40
  • 46th - 50th$35
  • 51st - 60th$30
  • 61st - 100th$25
  • 101st - 125th$20
  • 126th - 200th$15
  • 201st - 350th$10
  • 351st - 500th$5
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Terms & Conditions

Tournament Structure

The Footballguys Football Championship is a series of one-week fantasy football contests hosted on FanDuel. The contests taking place from Week 1 through Week 10 are open to all users eligible to play in paid contests. The Week 11 Freeroll is only available to users that win an entry by placing ahead of all five participating Footballguys staff members in a given week.

The names and FanDuel usernames for the participating Footballguys staff members will be displayed on the entry page for each weekly contest. The participating Footballguys staff members are subject to change week-to-week.

The maximum entries per user for the Week 11 Freeroll is 10. Entries to the Week 11 Freeroll are not eligible for exchange, reimbursement, nor are they transferable. In the event that a user has reached the maximum entries for the Week 11 Freeroll and qualifies for an additional entry, the entry will not be awarded an no cash compensation will be provided.

Teams and Scoring

Standard FanDuel NFL scoring rules apply to all contests, including the Week 11 Freeroll. In the event that a user ties the highest finishing participating Footballguys staff member in any of the contests taking place from Week 1 through Week 10, the user will be credited with an entry to the Week 11 Freeroll. In the event that multiple users tie in the Week 11 Freeroll, the tied users will split the prizes for the positions which they tied for.


All other US and Canadian residents who comply with our eligibility rules for paid entry games in our terms of service are eligible to play. Entries from Alabama, Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, Texas or Washington are not eligible to enter this competition. FanDuel employees may enter the competition for testing purposes, but are not eligible to win any prizes. Employees and immediate family members of Footballguys are not eligible to win entries to the Week 11 Freeroll.