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Contest Entry Limits

FanDuel offers ‘single entry’, ‘capped’, and ‘multi-entry’ contests. These designations let you know how many times you can enter a contest. But you always have the option to play just one lineup if you want.

Single entry contests: enter one lineup only

Single entry contest allow each player to enter only one lineup. This format levels the playing field when it comes to budget, since no player can enter more lineups than any other player. It’s simply your best lineup vs. your opponents’ best lineups.

We’ve added more single entry contests than ever to the FanDuel Lobby. You can use the ‘single entry filter’ in the FanDuel Lobby to find single entry contests.

Capped contests: play up to a set amount of entries

As your strategies change, capped entry contests give you room to go. Actual entry caps may vary by contest. But common capped entry contests allow a max of either three, five, or 10 entries per player. This way, you can try out multiple lineups if you want — without competing against more advanced players who enter lineups by the dozen.

To enter a capped entry contest, just look for a contests with an entry limit specified in parenthesis to the right. For example, the contest shown below is capped at three entries per player.

Multi-entry contests: different limits for different sized contests

Multi-entry contests allow players to submit a significant number of different or identical lineups, but they still have limits. Entry limits are based on the size of the contest. So no individual player takes up more than their fair share of spots. Check the chart below for a quick look at current entry limits.

2 - 12 playersMax 1 entry
13 – 36 playersMax 2 entries
37 – 100 playersMax 3 entries
101 – 4,999 players3% of the total entries
5,000+ playersMax 150 entries

NOTE: There are no entry limits for contests with entry fees of $150 or more.

We indicate multi-entry contests with an orange dot in the FanDuel Lobby.

TIP: The actual entry limit for any contest can be found next to orange dot on the draft screen of any contest.