Friends Mode Championship Promotion

For all Friends Mode “Championship” leagues that fill to capacity and run their first contest by Sunday, 10/15/17 at 1:00 PM ET, FanDuel will double the prize payout for the first contest.

A Championship is considered filled when it reaches the selected number of participants. Once a Championship fills and locks, the first Championship contest will be auto-created for the next available Sunday “NFL Main” slate. The first weekly contest prize pool will be double the weekly contest prize pool selected by the commissioner and will be awarded to the participant who finishes in first place in that contest. If multiple participants tie for first in a their first weekly contest, the weekly contest prize will be split amongst them.

The prize pool payout will return to the selected amount after completion of the first weekly contest and for the remainder of the weekly contests in the Championship league.

Keep in mind that:

  • Size and entry fee of the league is determined by the Championship league Commissioner.
  • Once created, a Championship’s settings cannot be edited, but the commissioner can cancel the Championship up until the moment it fills.
  • Once a Championship is filled, the Championship is considered locked. At this point neither the Championship nor its entries may be canceled and entry fees will not be refunded.
  • If a Championship does not fill by the time the first Championship contest is set to start, the prize payout for that week will not be doubled and the prize money that had originally been been allocated to the weekly contest will be added to the Championship grand prize.
Learn more about Friends Mode Championship terms here.