Welcome to the new FanDuel

It’s not just a new season at FanDuel, it’s a new era. We spent the offseason upgrading your entire FanDuel experience — from the way we look to the way you play. Real improvements, built for everyday fans.

We believe every fan should BE SPORTSRICH

We love sports. That’s the long and short of it. We started as a small company of sports fans. We grew into a larger company of sports fans. And we added a couple million FanDuel players — a community of sports fans — in the process. We’ve also learned a whole lot about how we can make your gameday better. The entire experience, for us, has been a fantasy, literally. Now we’re passing all that fantasy along to you. All the hope and the celebration, even the oh-so-close and the agony.

Add it up and we call it SPORTSRICH — the belief that you deserve to experience everything sports has to offer.

It’s why we partner with our favorite teams across the leagues. We put real fans in unreal situations, bucket list memories even season-ticket holders can’t have. And we help everyday fans create a new reality on any given night — competition that echoes throughout stands, bars, and couches, nationwide. Because FanDuel is more than a game. It’s a way to get closer to the sports you love than we ever thought possible back when we launched a simple fantasy sports site seven years ago.

We look different this season

Introducing the FanDuel Shield

We wanted our new logo to represent everywhere we’ve been and everything that lies ahead. That’s a lot to pack into one image. But after changing the face of fantasy sports, we’ve grown to enjoy a challenge. We chose the shield — an age-old athletic emblem — to pay homage to history’s strongest leagues, teams, and competitors. As we move into this next era of fantasy sports, the FanDuel Shield will lead the way.

How we designed the Shield

The Shield represents all that we stand for

3 principles for everything we build


We stand for a fair and level playing field.

Now you can play against other beginners only.

New to FanDuel? Start out in Beginner contests — where you can test your skills against players of equal experience. We don't allow more experienced FanDuel players to join Beginner contests. So you can get up to speed at your own pace.

Read more about Beginner contests

Always know who you’re up against.

We label the most experienced players on FanDuel as “Experienced” or “Highly Experienced.” You can tell a player is experienced if you see a ‘star’ next to a FanDuel username — this indicates a significant amount of contests played or money won.

Read more about Experienced Player Indicators

Play in fair, balanced contests.

You should always feel comfortable in the contest you choose. We offer contests that cap the total entries any one player is allowed. So no single opponent takes up more than their fair share of spots. Head-to-Head contests have even tighter limits.

Read more about contest limits

No third-party scripting. Just skill.

What’s scripting? It’s code that automates the way you enter contests and edit lineups. Not only have we banned third-party scripting, our ‘Advanced Entry’ feature now lets anyone enter and edit multiple lineups with ease. All you need is fantasy skill, not technical superiority.

Read more about our ban on scripting

We stand for fun and excitement. For every fan.

Play against people you know.

We want to be part of your weekly ritual — however you spend it, whoever you spend it with. We offer private contests on FanDuel that let you challenge all your friends, plus private Head-to-Heads to play against just one buddy. What you play for is up to you.

Create a private contest

More choices for every budget.

No matter what your budget or how you like to play, we’ve got a contest option for every fan. We also introduced a ‘single entry’ filter that only shows contests limited to one entry per player. So you can put your best lineup forward, no matter how many lineups you can afford.

Try a single entry contest

Be closer to the teams and brands you love.

We partner with 15 NFL teams, 16 NBA teams, and world-renowned brands that offer experiences money can’t buy. We host free contests throughout each season that let you win these experiences, from players-only access to VIP game tickets.

See one fan's experience

We stand for protecting and supporting our players.

You have inalienable rights on FanDuel.

We created a Bill of Rights because we believe that every FanDuel player should know exactly what to expect out of their relationship with FanDuel. We strive to be transparent, fair, and honest in every interaction you have with us.

Read the FanDuel Bill of Rights

You will not play against any employee.

No FanDuel employee has ever been allowed to enter public FanDuel contests. We expanded that ban to include employees of other daily fantasy sports operators in October 2015. And because we work for FanDuel, we can’t play on any competitor site.

Read more about who can play on FanDuel

We help you set limits on how much you play.

We're proud to work with the National Council of Problem Gaming and the National Center for Responsible Gaming. And we provide tools that put you in control of how much you play. You can also contact our Customer Support Team for permanent exclusion from FanDuel.

Submit a self-exclusion request

You can contact us at any time.

Our Customer Support Team is always available to help with any issue you may have. You’ll get real answers from real FanDuel employees, alongside the assistance you need — from the ins-and-outs of the FanDuel product to the latest policy questions.

Visit our Customer Support Center

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