About FanDuel

FanDuel’s mission is to transform the world of fantasy sports with daily games. We are passionate about the huge advantages the daily format has for players: super-charged excitement and competition, massive prizes, fast payouts and unbeatable game selection. We strongly believe these reasons will drive it to be bigger than traditional fantasy sports.

From humble beginnings in 2009 FanDuel has grown the daily fantasy concept to a point where we now pay out over $6m in prizes every week. Some players gross over $5k a day in winnings. More on our story

FanDuel Inc is a US company based in New York City. Our engineering staff sit in our UK office in Edinburgh, Scotland. We are VC backed and have raised $18m in funding to date. Our investors include Pentech Ventures, Piton Capital, Bullpen Capital and Comcast Ventures. For coverage of our fundraising see here (2011), here (2012) and here (2013)

The team

At FanDuel we pride ourself on the team we've built. We've grown from a mere 5 co-founders to a team across offices in New York and Edinburgh.

FanDuel in the press


New York

New York

FanDuel Inc, 41 E 11th St, 10th Floor,
New York, NY 10003



FanDuel Ltd, Techcube, 1 Summerhall Square, Edinburgh, EH9 1PL